Shipments in the United States:

We ship free in US states with a minimum purchase order of $100.

H & M Seafood Shipping Shipping via UPS or US Postal Service. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days if we have stock. Requests for day shipping must be received at 2:00 pm EST for UPS. Due to the time of the US Postal Service parcel change, we can not guarantee the shipping within the day. If your order needs to be shipped in the same day, please contact us for the exact details. US Postal Service (within the United States) (Delivery 2-3 days) for Priority shipping, or 1-2 days for Express. Order dates are delivered to you by post depending on the specific address. Any shipping charges on your order (such as a change of address, incorrect address, rejected or unverifiable shipments, etc.) will be your responsibility. International Orders delivered by US Postal Service - Priority Mail (delivery 6-10 days) or Express Mail (3-5 days delivery). US Postal Service does not guarantee exact delivery date.

Shipments outside the United States:

H & M Seafood will not be liable for any taxes, customs, taxes or other fees associated with these shipments. Actual shipping is subject to change: In case the actual shipping rate exceeds the shipping charge, H & M Seafood will contact you.

How do I track an order that has been shipped?

We email you with tracking number and details since we shipped.